Student Google Accounts
Google logoAll Briscoe students now have Google accounts. Your child may have logged into it at school or been given information about it, but not everyone has learned about it yet.

The Google accounts give students access to a suite of productivity apps, like Google Docs, and to Google Drive, for storing files created with those apps or with other applications. Students do not have gmail accounts.

To log into Google Drive, where files are created and stored, students can go directly to and log in with their own username and password.

The username will typically be their last name and the first letter of their first name followed by For example, a student named Carolyn Doe would have a username on Google of Some students may have a number following their first initial. The first part of the username is the same one they use for Moodle. The password is also the same as their Moodle password.

Most students received stickers with usernames and passwords to put into their agendas earlier this year. If you have questions, please contact Ms. Woznick at