Independent reading is very important. These are books that you select and read on your own. Teachers may ask you do read a certain number of books independently each quarter and complete an assessment that shows that you read the book and understood it. Some of those assessments include quizzes like Accelerated Reader or Read'n'Quiz.

Reading Quizzes
The Read'n'Quiz reading program allows students toselect reading books from a list of over 22,000 titles, then take a short quiz to show they have read the book. .
  • Read'n'Quiz - you must use this link -- you cannot Google to get to Read'n'Quiz. The username and password is the same as it is for Moodle.

Book Reviews
Some teachers may allow students to submit a book review online instead of taking a quiz. The reviews must be submitted online through the Book Review Submission Form. The best reviews will be posted online on the Briscoe Book Review Blog.

Other assessments
Check with your ELA or reading teacher (whoever assigns independent reading) to ask about deadlines, requirements, or other options.