Master Schedule
Refer to this document to find out what time each block begins and ends on a typical day, and when lunch is schedule for each grade. Special Schedules
At times, students are released early for the day or may begin late. Refer to this document to find out the adjusted class and lunch times. Daily Rotation Schedule
Briscoe's schedule is on a 6-day rotation, designated by A1, A2, C1, C2, E1, or E2. The first period each day varies by the letter, and students may have different classes on 1 or 2 days (usually expressive arts, band/chorus, or academic support). You may find it helpful to have a calendar that indicates the days in advance.

Expressive Arts Rotation Schedule
Students take six expressive arts classes, including P.E., Art, Health, Computers, and other classes during the school year, with a new class starting every 30 days. These schedules let you see what classes your child will have through the year depending on their grade and when their reading or foreign language classes meet.

Calendar of Events