Supply Lists 2018-2019
School supplies

School supply lists for each grade for the 2018-2019 school year are now available.

With increased access to technology at Beverly Middle School, locker size has changed. Students no longer need a “large” backpack (Example = L.L.Bean) and no longer need “large” three ring binders.

“Drawstring cinch daypacks” are recommended to transport personal items and schoolwork to and from school.

EARBUDS are very important to access multimedia resources at school. ALL students should have a pair of inexpensive earbuds in their pencil cases or in their lockers.

We recommend earbuds that may have come with your cell phones or other devices or ones you can get at "dollar" stores for about $5. We do not recommend students bring more expensive/high quality earbuds or headphones to school. For sanitary reasons, we do not provide earbuds.