Nature's Classroom Updates
6 Gold - April 3rd - April 7th (Pond Side)
6 Panthers & Cougars - May 1st - May 5th (Pond Side)
6 Blue - May 1st - May 5th (Hilltop)

At this time, all payments are due. If you have any questions regarding your child’s balance, please email Kathy Mullins at

Nature’s Classroom Visit
On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, Nature’s Classroom directors will be visiting Briscoe to discuss our upcoming trip with students and staff. The presentation will include an overview of the program, a picture slide show, and a Q & A session. Prior to meeting with students, both directors will meet with Briscoe Staff to plan activities and classes for the week.

6 Gold
Medical packets were sent home last week and are due on Tuesday, March 21st. Additional packets can be found at When completing the packet, please pay close attention to the tetanus booster shot date (#5) on the "Home and Health Information Questionnaire”. In addition, this packet contains a “I Survived Nature’s Classroom” t-shirt order form. To guarantee that these can be distributed the week students return from Nature’s Classroom, please send in the form and money by Tuesday, March 21st. T-shirts can still be ordered through the month of April. Lastly, here is a link to the "Nature’s Classroom Checklist” ( This document contains reminders that will be helpful in planning for the trip.