2016-2017 Clubs & After School Activities

This page will be updated periodically. Some activities run year-round, while others are limited to certain seasons. Many clubs are open to all, but some are by invitation only or can only accommodate a certain number of students. Check with the staff member listed for more information.

Art Club
Mondays, alternating Morning/Afternoon
Room 313 (art room)
Contact: Mrs. Marini (amarini@beverlyschools.org)

Assembly Singers
Mondays 3:00-4:00 (Tuesdays when there is a Monday holiday)
Chorus Room
Contact: Mrs. Nearis (j.nearis@beverlyschools.org)

Briscoe Briefs (newspaper)
Mondays 3:05-3:45
Contacts: Ms. Belbute (cbelbute@beverlyschools.org) or
Ms. Woznick (awoznick@beverlyschools.org)

Chess Club

Tuesdays 3:00-3:45
Room 304
Contact: Mrs. Fisichella (sfisichella@beverlyschools.org)

Diversity Club (LGBTQ+ focussed)
Tuesdays 3:05-3:45
Room 321
Contact: Ms. Rickerl (hrickerl@beverlyschools.org)
Note: at this time, membership is limited. Please check with Ms. Rickerl before attending any meetings.

Creative Writers' Club
Thursdays 3:00-3:45
Room 316
Contact: Mrs. Pratt (lpratt@beverlyschools.org)

ELL Homework Club
For any current or past ELL students
Mon-Thursday, 3-4pm
Room 103
Contact: Mrs. Williams (mwilliams@beverlyschools.org)

Green Team
Thursdays 3:05-3:45
Meet otside basement computer lab
Contact: Shawn Mullarky

When it is open, all students are welcome to work quietly in the library.
Before School: Open at 8:15 am
After School: Open most Tuesdays and Thursdays until 3:45.
Open Monday or Wednesday according to Ms. Woznick's availability.
Contact: Ms. Woznick (awoznick@beverlyschools.org)

Math Team
Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm (may leave early for late bus)
Room 315
Contact: Ms. Cooney (scooney@beverlyschools.org)

National Junior Honor Society
Grade 8 grade students only, by invitation
Meets in Winter/Spring - days/dates TBA
Contacts: Mrs. McGrath (jmcgrath@beverlyschools.org) & Mrs. Cann (rcann@beverlyschools.org)

Peer Leaders
7th and 8th grader students only, by invitation
Tuesdays 3:00-3:45pm - generally alternates weeks grade 7/8
Contact: Mr. Houlihan (mhoulihan@beverlyschools.org) or Ms. Frost (afrost@beverlyschools.org)

Robotics & Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Club
Mondays 3:00-3:45
Robotics Lab (in basement)
Contact: Mr. Jacobson (ajacobson@beverlyschools.org)
As of Oct. 2016, the club is full, but there may be space later in the school year.

Student Council
Tuesdays - alternates between morning and afternoon
Room 313 (art room)
Contact: Mrs. Marini (amarini@beverlyschools.org)

Tuesdays 3:00-3:45
Room 303
Contact: Ms. Zmijewski (mzmijewski@beverlyschools.org)

Intramural Sports
To be announced as available during the school year.

Competitive Sports

Note: Competitive sports are registered through the BHS website.

Track & Field
Spring 2017 competitive sport
Contact: Mrs. McGrath (jmcgrath@beverlyschools.org)

Cross Country
Fall 2016 competitive sport
Contact: Jill Page (michael.page5@verizon.net)